what feeds me

Currently, there are two pans of bread crumbs drying on my counter for two different types of stuffing or dressing or savory bread pudding or whatever your mom called it and now you call it. Because nothing says a small, sober alcoholic Thanksgiving like two different types of stuffing. Likewise, there is a container of […]

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The Last Time I Saw Paris

Let’s get this out of the way: the following post has nothing to do with the glamorous Elizabeth Taylor film in the title other than the fact I’ve pretty much always wanted my whole life to be an Elizabeth Taylor film. No, the title in this case is quite literal. The last time I saw […]

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forbidden happy

You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re okay. I had to kept saying this to myself as I laid in bed. I had to keep saying it not just because I knew it was true but also because saying it was helping. See, I woke up with my heart racing, sweating and generally having that feeling I […]

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out of service

It all started by a waterfall with cliff divers.  Okay and there was also a mariachi band and a large orange monkey. There was also magicians, an old drunk couple with guitars and the gloppy enchiladas that should probably be considered a hate crime against Mexico. Little red flags popped up and me and a […]

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relieve me of the bondage of selfie

How do I look? How do I look when I’m struggling? How do I look when I’m happy? How do I look when I’m grocery shopping? How do I look when I’m dealing with family members, cleaning up cat barf, watching reality TV or cooking dinner? More importantly do you think I look? Luckily for […]

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action! I wanna live.

We are in the era of the topless, body positive Instagram post. We are in the era of the multi-tweet thread chronicling everything from an individual’s heroic battle with a mental illness to a harrowing account of waiting in line at the airport. We are in the era of blogs like the one your reading […]

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enough of never enough

When did it start? How did it happen? Was it childhood? Doesn’t it always come back to childhood? Surely, that was it. Although, maybe not. After all, I never went to bed hungry. I always got everything on my birthday list. The lights were never out and the house was always warm. By those standards, […]

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what if I was no longer sober?

what if I was no longer sober? what if I started drinking again? what if drugs were something that I all of a sudden just did again? what if this part of me for the last 8 years just melted away and suddenly wasn’t? what if it turned out to be not a big deal?  […]

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my terms & conditions have changed

On behalf of alcoholics and drug addicts everywhere, I’d like to confirm that we are worse at change than you are. Sure, you might be complaining endlessly about the new Twitter update but some of us are ready to start rioting in the streets over it. Just so you know, we will always win at […]

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over there

“Nothing is ever really over…just over there.” – Carrie Fisher “A writer must really be in a bad place if they start their blog posts with quotes.”- Me Both of the above thoughts happen to be true for me in this moment. Maybe I’m not in a bad place per say. Like the emotional equivalent […]

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