lost weekends found

To all my people who know where your wallet is this morning, put your hands up! All my people who woke up in their own beds, put your hands up! All my people, who didn’t have to read their sent text messages to remember their weekends, throw your hands up! I mean not to invoke every […]

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viva the smartass revolution!

Hours and hours of laughing. How dare they. Didn’t they realize the state of the world? Didn’t they notice that the planet was slowly hurling itself into a vortex of shit? Hadn’t they been paying attention to the last year and a half of jaw-droppingly horrendous headlines? Surely they must have. But here they were. […]

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Handle With Care

It’s a recipe. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’m sure that has something to do with the fact that I’m ravenously hungry every single time I sit down to write but it’s the only metaphor I have in my writerly rolodex right now. The ‘it’ I’m talking about is self-care, in case […]

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she’s got the power

Some battles just aren’t yours to fight. Sometimes the best you can do is cheer from the sidelines. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little excited about the march on Washington this Saturday. With over 1,800 bus permits issued (about 1,600 more than that tragic ass event happening the day before) […]

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New Year, New Sloshed Cinema Episodes!

That podcast that talks about movies that talk about drinking, drugs and getting sober is coming back with brand new episodes in 2017! We’re kicking off this fresh batch of episodes with listener requested movies like Under the Volcano, Trees Lounge and an all-time alcoholic classic 1945’s The Lost Weekend. Plus recent movies like Krisha, […]

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here’s to the ones who dream

Creativity takes courage or at least that’s what Henri Matisse said. But does it though? I mean really? Are we sure? Because courage? That’s a heavy ass word. Just typing it I shake my head and go, “Uh uh. No way.” The thing is if creativity does take courage then that means I’ll actually have […]

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Here’s something crazy: 8 years ago today, I stopped drinking and doing drugs. Even crazier? I haven’t started again. As in 2920 days in a row without a day drinking, night drinking, late afternoon drinking– any kind of drinking at all. Oh and no drugs either which is really something because I like drugs a […]

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