On Assignment


When it comes to covering the hard-hitting issues, look .. somewhere else. Yet coming this August, I am going on assignment. Not on the campaign trail. I mean how basic do you think I am? Not press junkets. Not breaking news stories. No, your buddy Sean is launching Sean on Assignment. For this weekly feature for August, I’ll be reporting on the random, the seemingly boring and quirky things happening in my town. That’s right. Yours truly is putting on his reporter hat. Although I fear it’s not as jaunty as Kermit’s. Or Lois Lane’s.


This urge to take the seanologues on the road was cooked up in my brain a couple of weeks ago. Initially, I thought it would be fun to cover weird things around my ‘hood just to mix up the style of writing seen here. Turns out I have something of a journalistic past. ‘Tis true! Between an Andrea Zuckerman-like stint on my high school newspaper to writing for indie newspapers and magazines in Los Angeles, I’ve always dabbled in journalism. I would have even finished a journalism degree in my youth had my double major in Electronic Music and Drug Consuming (with a double minor in Drinking and Lying, thank you very much!)  not eaten away most of my time. I also thought it would also be fun to flex my observational muscle writing wise. Try writing about other people than myself for a change. I know! There’s a crazy idea. One so crazy, it just might work! But as I plotted out what I was going to write about, it hit me. There was another reason. I wanted to play Johnny reporter in my own life.


A while back when I was feeling particularly beaten up by negative headlines, bombastic opinions and toxic Facebook posts(which I mean aren’t they all, even a little?) a light came on and a new personal mantra presented itself to me, “I am not the victim to information.” I’d been looking for clarity and wondering how I kept getting knocked over by all of the thoughts and ideas that whip by us at the speed of light and there it was. In the end, it wasn’t up to CNN or Twitter or even Facebook to change the information they churned out, it was up to me. I could deactivate accounts. I could take apps off my phone. I could read from actual pages instead of from screens. All things I’ve done for various lengths of time and with various degrees of success. It was up to me to handle what’s being served at the 24 hour information buffet. Period. It’s a delicate line to walk, however. As pop culture fanatic and knowledge junkie and not to mention an addict, it’s hard for me to know when to say when. Don’t think the irony of finally getting sober only to spend my time being an iPhone’s bitch is lost on me. I get it. So most of the time it looks a lot like keeping myself in check. Shutting the phone off. Walking without looking at my screen. Just listen to my husband without listening and tweeting or listening and reading crap on the internet. But I felt like there was still more that I could do.


By writing what I want to read, by contributing stuff I think is funny or informative or ridiculous, I’m making a drop in the swirling black hole of internet negativity. It’s not much but it isn’t about changing the world’s mind. It’s just about shifting my own narrative in the only way I know how– writing. Now, now, I realize this is all starting to sound like one of those”Post pictures of puppies instead of talking about politics” threads on Facebook. But it’s not. After all, amazing people like my friend Paul or my friend Mark or my buddy Claire or Daniel or Chris and countless brilliant others are all doing it too– contributing something good instead of just soaking a shit jacuzzi. So me going on goofy assignments is a part of this. Maybe writing weird, uplifting and funny features on little slices of life will provide some levity for a few readers or maybe I’ll just entertain myself. Either way, it’s a win. With or without the jaunty hat.

Sean On Assignment premiers right here on August 4th!

8 thoughts on “On Assignment

  1. Well, it is summer, a charming Panama or a straw fedora, I envision you at a writing desk with your hat tipped back, smiling at whatever you’re writing.

    So I woke up two mornings in a row dreaming about Sean. Wed am. We, you and I were walking into a restaurant, kinda dark. We were in the entry way with a glass door on our left and a waist high, long fish tank against a brick wall with three small windows near the top that were darkened. Tank was empty about to be cleaned and there was a small fish flopping around which you took out of the tank, a little blonde girl also picked out a much larger fish gasping for breath. You were gently holding this little fish flopping in your hands so it wouldn’t fall on the floor. The bigger fish fell out of the girl’s hands and was gasping on the floor. I ran into the kitchen filled a bucket with water being careful to make the right temp and ring, ring, damn phone rings, woke up with this vivid memory.

    #2 – this am. Many people at this celebration in a hair salon, bright, light filled, several mirrored stations, ended up with three of us, you, a dark haired white guy and me. We were looking at desserts, deciding how to present this food, you and guy were telling me how to fix my hat and then woke up when dog taps my arm to go pee. Again vivid, joyful, full of expectancy and promise, the opposite of Wed’s.

    If this happens again tomorrow morn I’ll trip out.

    Looking forward to your new themes.

    Cheers Nadine Trujillo


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  2. Love the new gig there, Sean! And yeah, thanks for the shout out. I am flattered and honoured to be among such wonderful (and active, unlike me) writers. And to your point about adding something positive, even if it feels like it is doing nothing – I agree. Sometimes I want to distance myself from the world, live in a cocoon of safety and such (sounds familiar, eh? glug glug), but I sometimes remind myself that most people are good, most people aren’t doing the things that we read about all the time. Most people are out there doing their thing, trying to help others, trying to make a difference. And I know that you do that as well – you add some sparkle and pizzaz to so many lives, including mine. Anyway, good luck with the gig and thanks again!


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