Listen to Sloshed Cinema Season 1 Now!


Once upon a time,  a gay man obsessed with films and sobriety living in a marijuana filled forest reached out to a podcasting wizard. This wizard, wizard in like a magic kind of way not like a KKK kind of way, specialized in creating stimulating conversations about recovery and hence Sloshed Cinema was born! 

I mean. That’s basically what happened. We (we being me and Chris of the Since Right Now Network) thought wouldn’t it be fun/entertaining/provocative to talk about movies that talk about drinking? I’d pick a different movie every week and for 30 minutes, I’d ramble on about the film and how it relates to recovery and all the while I’d really be talking about myself. 10 episodes later, this show that was an idea, is now a reality. And now you can listen to our entire first season! In it I talk about new films like Burnt with Bradley Cooper and I Smile Back With Sarah Silverman, classic films like The Days of Wine and Roses and really campy films like Less Than Zero as well as the latest news and views from the corner of pop culture and recovery.

Listen to our first season here or here!

And Sloshed Cinema will be back in July with all new episodes.

3 thoughts on “Listen to Sloshed Cinema Season 1 Now!

  1. HOORAY! I get to be the first to leave a comment. What? That’s awesome.
    Sean. great season 1.
    The final episode was your masterpiece I think. Loved hearing how it all began with Jane. But also, it was fascinating to think of the purposeful suicide aspect of Leaving Las Vegas. I remember watching it and thinking “I’m not that bad” and “I’ll never be that bad.” I sort of used it to defend that my drinking was normal.
    My bottom was such a gray area as far as was a suicidal or not. Technically it was why I was put in the hospital. But, I never actively wanted to take my own life. I just sort of knew in my bones that the bender I was on was going to be my last bender, my last spree. It probably was a subconscious suicide, now that I’m in reflection. But my denail wouldn’t let me frame it that way. Anyways, real eye-openning to hear your commentary on it.
    Really great film analysis also as far as what worked and didn’t and the film’s long-term cinematic placement. See you for season 2 (although I’m sure we’ll be chatting before that) – Mark


    1. Thank you, Mark!
      I was the same. Cage’s portrayal is so alcoholic, so over the top that I thought, “I have zero in common with this dude.” But really even though my end game wasn’t outwardly suicidal, it’s definitely something I was working towards, whether I realized it or not. There’s a post on the film’s message board on IMDB that argues LLV is actually about suicide, not alcoholism. Which is compelling and hard to debate with. Really,though, I think the film is about desperation which both suicide and alcoholism have. Clearly, O’Brien who took his own life struggled with feeling alone and out of options. Anyway, like you alluded to, it’s all the same regardless of how extreme it gets. Love having this conversation with you!
      – S.


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